About Us

About Us

Velour Clothing Exchange, founded by Myra Miller, is Calgary’s first dedicated buy/sell/trade clothing store. Velour builds on its reputation for carrying a thoughtfully curated, hand-picked collection of clothing and accessories.

Velour is committed to assisting customers define and expand their personal style by offering a curated mix of gender-neutral 60s to early 00s vintage and contemporary pre-owned items in a relaxed environment. 

Myra Miller - Founder +
Co-Owner of Velour
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Having experienced the 70s and 80s first hand, I'm thrilled to see so much of contemporary design influenced by previous eras. Since I bring the vintage element to the table with my age, I currently enjoy wearing contemporary minimalist, monochromatic clothing. I often blend oversized items, menswear, and tailored pieces to create unique fashion-forward outfits. I'm committed to diversity and inclusivity so developing Velour to be a safe, welcoming place for people to explore their personal style is important to me. The public is still heavily bombarded by fashion magazine messaging saying: 'You have to fit this mould' and 'This is what you should look like.' I'm happy to say that we at Velour are making a conscious effort to celebrate differences and to changing the narrative.

Michelle - Co-owner of Velour, Social Media + Online Store Manager
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I have always had a passion for clothing, styling, and reworking old vintage items to suit my needs. In my personal style, I pair contemporary items with vintage pieces to give a unique spin on modern fashion. I am a big fan of blending high / low fashion, nothing beats a pair of sneakers with a beautifully made vintage romper or dress. I am dedicated to educating customers on the environmental benefits of shopping preowned as well as the fun that can be had while exploring personal style. I enjoy showcasing our secondhand pieces and teaching our customers the wonders + uniqueness of vintage clothing.

Claire - Sales Associate
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I would describe my personal style as “currently under construction.” My favourite part about shopping affordably and sustainably is that it allows more freedom in creating and recreating your own look. Currently I am trying to reconcile my love for bright statement pieces, with my admiration for minimalistic fashion. My favourite find from Velour is an amazing pair of 90s jelly shoes that come with me on every night out! Outside of work I enjoy embroidery and treating myself to overpriced lattes.