Spring / Summer Lookbook

Woman in pink sequin top and vibrant patterned pants sitting

 Sitting figure wearing a gold graphic print top, gold pants, and brown pants


White fem wearing a face patterned shirt, black pleather mini skirt, and black bucket hat 


A black woman seated wearing a ruffled pink patterned maxi dress with a woven rattan bag at her feet



Woman sitting wearing a black leather tank top and red leather skirt with calf high snakeskin boots 

Woman with black hair in a red trench coat over a floral maxi dress underneath holding a red vegan leather tote bag


Non-binary person wearing an open denim vest with red mini shorts and a woven rattan purse 

A seated black woman wears a brown Givenchy sweater with two dogs on it over a bronze slip dress holding a mini snakeskin purse

Photos by Elyse Bouvier